This document forms the terms and conditions employed by 1 Stop Business Services and you ‘the client’

N.B. 1 Stop Business Services further referred to as ‘Business Services’ and you the client to be referred to as ‘the client’

1 General

Business Services will undertake work any work required by ‘the client’ dependant on the work required by you the client may need to agree further Terms

2 Contact Details Required

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Tel No
  • Email Address


3 Invoicing and Payment

3.1 Payments will be collected via BACS or PayPal unless otherwise agreed
 Payment by Cheque will require an additional £3.00 admin fee
(You don’t need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal)
The invoice will contain details of work completed in the invoicing period

3.2 1 Stop Business Services offer 2 types of package:

‘One Off’ – Where the Client’s requirements are of a one-off basis.
 Work will be completed in a timely manner as agreed with the Client.

Invoices issued when work completed payment due 14 days Net

‘Monthly’ – Where the Client’s requirements are of an ongoing basis, with a commitment to a minimum of two hours per calendar month for a minimum of a six-month period. Basic tasks will usually be completed at our earliest in agreement with you the client.

Invoices issued last day of month payment due 30 days Net

3.3 Invoices will be delivered to a nominated email or office address as agreed with the Client, any changes to this delivery address must be made in writing, giving 14 days advanced notice.

3.4 Payment is due by the client, As per schedule above. Should payment be late, a penalty of £10 per Week will be applied, unless prior notification and agreement has been made in advanced. Please ensure that payment is made in sufficient time to clear bank processing deadlines.

3.5 If three invoices have been paid late, 1 Stop Business Services reserves the right to cease work or terminate the contract immediately, without notice. No further work shall be completed until the outstanding balance, including penalties, has been paid in full.

3.6 The rates contained in this agreement are correct at the time of writing. However, should there be a change in our tariff rates, the Client will be formally notified, given 14 days’ notice to the same method that invoices are delivered to.

3.7 1 Stop Business Services charging tariff table is as per below:



Business Directory Registration

£30.00 One Time

General Administration One Off

£18.00 Per Hour

Weekly or Monthly Accounts

£35.00 PCM

Test Trade (Min Term 6 mths)

£299 P.A.or £29.99 PCM

Website Design (12 mth contract)


Website Maintenance/updates (Adhoc)

£18.00 Per Hour

Website Maintenance/updates (Monthly)

As Agreed

Urgent Work (Inc overnight and holiday work)

£35.00 Per Hour

Web Hosting and Domain registration



 4 Termination of Contract

4.1 Termination by the Client:

If the Client decides to terminate the contract with 1 Stop Business Services, then the reason should be verbally discussed, and put in writing via email, a notice period of 14 days should be given to allow 1 Stop Business Services to estimate the required time to complete the Client’s outstanding work, and if required undertake work, and for the final invoice to be calculated and submitted for payment.

4.2 Termination by 1 Stop Business Services:

If deemed necessary, 1 Stop Business Services can terminate engagement, by giving a notice period of 14 days to the individual named as the authorised representative of the Client, Section 2, by the same means of contact as invoices are delivered to. In the event of termination by 1 Stop Business Services and deemed appropriate, the Client will be given the option to have their work completed, whereby an estimated number of hours will be advised, so the decision can be made whether to approve to complete. If only a portion of the work is required to be completed prior to termination, this will be discussed and agreed in advance. The Client should give a timely response/approval to complete, so that the agreed work can be delivered by the end of the 14 days’ notice.

5 Miscellaneous

5.1 The contract is valid for a ‘rolling’ period, and can be terminated as described in Point 4 above.

5.2 If for an extended period of time, 1 Stop Business Services are unable to complete work for the Client, two weeks’ notice will be given to the same address that invoices are delivered to. Outstanding tasks will be completed and returned to the Client prior to the period of unavailability. The Client will be advised on an anticipated return date, when work may recommence.

5.3 The Client will remain as the main primary data controller, and instruct 1 Stop Business Services as to precautionary measures in place to protect any individual’s identifying personal data as required.

5.4 From time-to-time, as client deadlines, work volume or other requirements demand, 1 Stop Business Services may utilise a trusted network of colleague associate assistants to complete tasks. In this instance, work will be checked and verified before being submitted back to the client, to ensure that a level of quality is adhered to and work fulfils the specification as described by the client. In this instance, if disclosure of any system log in credentials are required, the client will be advised, and these details will only be disseminated on a ‘need to know basis’.

5.5 Instruction of work implies agreement to this contract. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they fully understand the contents contained within, and highlight any queries at the earliest opportunity.